Staying on Top of It: Top 10 SEO Podcasts for 2021

Let’s talk about, Staying on Top of It: Top 10 SEO Podcasts for 2021. – It’s challenging to stay on top of the latest trends in search engine optimization without reading up on all the new things happening online. That’s why many people are turning to podcasts with excellent SEO content for their weekly dose of knowledge. With so much out there, it can be hard to find which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites that we think you’ll love too! 

SEO Podcasts

SEO podcasts are an effective way to stay updated on the new trends in the industry. You can listen to them as a hobby or as a work resource. If you need to listen to a podcast, below are some of the best podcasts.

1. Search Engine Journal Show

The Search Engine Journal Show podcast has a blog with the same name. It is hosted twice a week by Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker. The hosts try to keep it interesting by sharing trending SEO tips and marketing pro tips.

Other topics discussed on the podcast include content marketing, social media marketing strategies, and PPC. They also conduct interviews occasionally with industry’s great minds such as Tim Soulo from Ahrefs and other prominent influencers from the community.

2. Marketing Scoop

Marketing Scoop is a weekly podcast sponsored by SEMrush. It has its hosts as David Bain and Judith Lewis, who regularly interview the industry’s experts. Their main topics involve SEO, advertising, and digital marketing.

The podcast has a unique segment where they have ‘success story’ episodes that cover the top practices in the industry. They have both local and global guests such as IKEA and Vodafone. These episodes inspire the listeners while providing handy tips to implement in their work.

3. Search with Candour

For those working in SEO, Mark Williams-Cook’s weekly podcast “Search with Candour” helps keep up-to-date with Google’s latest updates and changes. The podcast covers news bits about what’s the latest in SEO and PPC. You’ll learn about topics such as passage updates, Google mass title rewrites, SEO A/B testing, and more.

4. EDGE of The Web

The Edge of the Web podcast is sponsored by an Indianapolis-based web marketing and website development firm. They have weekly one-hour long sessions where they discuss the data and analytic aspects of SEO. The hosts are Erin Sparks and Tom Brodbeck.

EDGE of the web also has a high-quality web TV show that brings the latest business trends to its viewers. The podcast has an excellent guest roster of professional SEO experts that share their experiences in the industry.

5. Authority Hacker

The hosts of The Authority Hacker, Gael Breton, and Mark Webster, hold a weekly podcast show. They both have much experience in working, owning, and operating various successful websites. Their podcast involves the hosts sharing their point of view of the SEO market.

These SEO experts talk about the many challenges associated with SEO while offering helpful tips on dealing with them. Also, they prioritize sharing and talking widely about marketing strategies to help grow their listener’s businesses. If you need to grow your business, this is one of the best SEO podcasts from which you can learn.

6. SEO 101

This bi-weekly podcast is the best for beginners in the industry. The hosts of the SEO 101 podcast are Ross Dunn and John Carcutt. They offer the basics of SEO that allow people to learn quickly. The hosts actively avoid using too many technical terms to allow more accessible learning.

The guests who appear on the show also share insightful details to help beginners understand the industry better. Apart from helping people learn, the hosts also share the latest google algorithm updates. It is a great podcast for you to keep yourself knowledgeable about SEO.

7. SEO Conspiracy

SEO conspiracy is a unique SEO podcast hosted by Laurent Bourrelly. The host believes that there is a lot of misleading and inaccurate information on SEO. He focuses on sharing the correct information with his listeners.

In addition, SEO conspiracy doesn’t have a regular schedule for updates. However, the podcast releases new episodes every few days. The topics involve popular SEO myths paired with the correct information. This is one of a kind podcast since there is no other podcast that covers such issues.

8. Search News You Can Use

Search News You Can Use is a weekly podcast that shares the current news and most important details of the SEO industry. This is one of the best SEO podcasts in the industry, with its host as Marie Haynes. Most listeners have confessed to listening to the podcast to fix their rankings after a significant drop.

The host also talks about helpful SEO tips for people in the industry. She also offers ways to improve your website performance. Marie also occasionally has guest speakers in her SEO podcast to share more information from SEO experts and professionals.

9. MozPad

Although the official podcast was shut down in 2018, the audio series has excellent learning tips. The host Brian Childs holds multiple educational interviews with SEO great minds. Each episode is packed with lessons on SEO.

The MozPad podcast also discusses mainstream digital marketing strategies and defining terminologies, making search engine optimization more transparent and understandable. It is an excellent SEO podcast for a beginner.

10. Experts on The Wire – Staying on Top of It: Top 10 SEO Podcasts for 2021

The host of Experts on the Wire podcast is Don Shure, an SEO consultant with Evolving SEO. It is a monthly SEO podcast and the most popular podcast with thousands of downloads. Don Shure always takes a deep dive into SEO challenges and helps solve them for his listeners. He also discusses new trends and tactics on SEO and digital marketing platforms.

Learning How to Make Your Business Grow

These are all great options for business owners who want to learn more about Google updates, best practices, and how to improve their business’s marketing reach. If you want a podcast focused on particular topics or industries, we recommend searching iTunes or your favorite podcast application for one that suits your needs. What do you think? Which podcast would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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