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10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Branded Mobile App

Apps are a great way to allow your brand to become part of your customer’s lives. Having a branded app can add significant value to your customer base and allow them to access your product or service easily. With that in mind, here are 10 compelling reasons to get a branded mobile app.

1. It allows you to be visible to your customers 

Having a mobile app literally puts your business in your customer’s pocket. It allows for you to increase your visibility and effectiveness in reaching your target market. 

2. It helps create a direct marketing channel 

With that, you can utilize the power of notifications to alert your customers of deals or new products. 

3. Provide value to your customers 

Many successful branded apps like Starbucks add value to their customer base by creating a rewards program that allows customers to cash in on rewards for repeat purchases. 

4. Build greater brand recognition 

Company brand recognition means that your customers recognize your brand and what it stands for. it means that they understand what your company is truly about and how it interacts with their lives in a positive way. Make sure your app is developed in such a way that is consistent with your brand image. 

5. Increased customer engagement. 

Your customers can engage with your customer service department easily and effectively through a branded app. Consider adding a chat function to your app if possible to make your team more accessible. 

6. Stand out 

Most small businesses don’t have an app, which means that your brand can build trust and recognition apart from your competitors. This will only work, however, if your app is truly done well; if you want it to be valuable to your customers, you need to be willing to invest in its quality. Using custom software can make sure this is accomplished. 

7. Create a sense of customer loyalty 

As with all successful branding projects, a branded app can increase customer loyalty by more effectively communicating in a practical way what your company is about. Having a company develop your app with custom software and making it available on the App Store and Google Play store can make sure that your app is quality enough to build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. 

8. Boost profits 

Having an iOS or Android app is another great way of providing an easily accessible sales channel to your customers. Make sure your app is available both on the App Store and Google play store to reach as many people as possible. 

9. Build Your Company Brand 

While this has been touched on previously, having an iOS or Android app really can build a stronger sense of brand awareness in your target market. Having a mobile app that is accessible can benefit both older and younger demographics. 

10. Provide the option to include social media accounts 

Make sure that you include the option to create an account with your business using your customer’s social media accounts. This can provide convenience for them and engagement for you. 

Next Steps

If you are ready to get a Branded Mobile App for you Business let get started on your next project.

Art Hicks

Entrepreneur, business leader, and executive business coach passionate about helping businesses uncover results through strategy, focus, and proper execution.


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