Why Matterport Dollhouse Matters

The process in which a real estate agent markets their home is no easy task. The first step is to get the property on the market. It involves taking pictures of the house and putting them online to enable people to know what they are buying.

The problem is that these images can be complex for potential buyers to picture themselves living in. With technology advancing, we have seen new marketing strategies that utilize digital 3D models. The company behind this is Matterport and their model-dollhouse feature.

What is Matterport and Matterport dollhouse?


Matterport is a technology company based in California. They have created a system to allow real estate agents to create 3D models of the interior of homes and other buildings. You can view the model on a computer or smartphone.

For a smartphone, you will need The Matterport Mobile App. The app is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones.

The Matterport Mobile App is a new marketing tool for real estate agents that works alongside your phone’s camera. The virtual tour is ready in less than five minutes, and it’s completely customizable. It doesn’t require any special skills or expensive software.

Matterport will help you manage your listings online and on the go with the app. It will also help you view properties right from the app.

You can place a Matterport camera on the roof of any building, and it will capture the building’s interior in 360-degrees. Doing this eliminates the need for flat photographs, allowing potential home buyers to understand better how spacious the house is.

The dollhouse feature that Matterport has added to their software allows real estate agents to capture rooms from any angle, allowing potential home buyers to picture themselves living in the room.

Matterport has many features that make it extremely valuable to real estate agents and potential buyers. Its ability to capture realistic imagery and the added value of having a model-dollhouse feature makes it a valuable tool.

It is revolutionizing the real estate industry. The new Matterport 3-D Virtual Tour feature is changing how people sell and buy homes. Its innovative technology lets agents create incredibly immersive virtual tours for their clients’ empty properties.

Since the launch of this feature, real estate agents have created hundreds of thousands of 3-D Real Estate Tours for their clients.

Benefits of 3D digital models


  1. They eliminate the need for flat pictures. It is a massive advantage over the old way of doing things because it gives potential buyers a complete sense of how big the room is. Knowing the size is essential because it can impact price.
  2. Their ability to capture any angle. It allows real estate agents to show their potential buyers all the rooms in a property. The problem with flat photographs is that most real estate agents aren’t able to get into spaces that are beneath stairs, behind walls, and windowsills. With digital models, you can show these spaces so potential buyers can picture themselves living there.
  3. Their ability to build virtual models of homes and other buildings. Real estate agents can take their clients on tours of the property before it is built. It saves time and money for both real estate agents and potential buyers.
  4. They offer real estate agents to sell their clients custom-built homes before they have even been constructed. It is an advantage to real estate agents because it allows them to be proactive rather than reactive in finding clients. Once a buyer has decided on the type of home they want, and once pictures have been taken, real estate agents can start selling that property before construction starts.
  5. They offer potential buyers a chance to tour the house by having it brought to them in real life. It may be difficult to picture yourself living in a home if you do not know much about it or have no idea what you would change if you were living in it. By using Matterport, potential buyers can see how a house looks in real life and picture themselves living there, meaning that they will be more likely to buy it. Matterport and their dollhouse feature are extremely useful for real estate agents to advertise their homes and for potential buyers looking for a place to live. It is a valuable tool because it gives potential buyers the ability to picture themselves living in the home, which may increase their likelihood of buying it.

Tell Your Brand’s Story with Matterport


Virtual tours maximize engagement and convert more visitors into customers. Add Matterport technology and you have much more marketing power on your side. Using Matterport virtual tours will give you a competitive edge in today’s real estate market by showing your listings via interactive visual elements like 360 degree photos or videos. Our ViviScape virtual tour experts are here for you 24/7 to collaborate on creating innovative content that gives your real estate business an edge.

Contact our virtual reality experts at ViviScape or call us at (574) 207-6511 to get started! We are happy to help you achieve your goals through the power of technology and innovation.

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