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The Advantages of a Custom Website vs. DIY Website

A custom website built for your business’s specific needs and branding gives your business the ultimate web presence. A DIY website will not communicate your brand message as well, and you will need to maintain it yourself rather than focusing on your business. Here are the advantages of a custom website you can’t find with an online DIY solution.

1. A custom website is built specifically for you 

A customized site meets all your needs instead of you adjusting your content to fit a pre-made template. 

A custom website is built with your business in mind, and you can easily make changes later if you want. 

2. A custom website matches your branding 

A DIY site may not be able to communicate your brand or message as you need it to, or you may be able to add in some features you like, but the site’s overall design wouldn’t match your branding message. 

A custom website has a great design, is updated, and matches your branding every time you change it.

3. You don’t need to worry about updates or maintenance 

You don’t need to spend time updating, maintaining, or managing the site yourself. You can hire a team you trust to take care of it for you.

A custom website is more beneficial than a DIY website because it shows your company in the best possible way. Your branding is consistent, too, with a custom website. 

A DIY website will not communicate your brand message and will also take more time and money to maintain than you’d rather spend. It could turn into a real money pit if you want to make significant changes down the road. You won’t regret it! Viviscape has a team of experienced web designers and developers who can help you with every aspect of your custom website. Take the proper steps today and work with professional web designers you can trust to make your website great.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the pros and cons of both DIY websites and custom-made websites.

DIY Builder: Pros

Quick and Easy: Web builders make it easier than ever for people to create their websites within hours. Millions of business owners have opted for this trend, but some cons still need attention when using these tools.

Building your website is more than just rolling up your sleeves. It’s an engaging experience that can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, depending on what kind of site you need and how much time you devote to planning.

Cheapest Option: Do-It-Yourself websites are inexpensive, typically ranging from free (if this will also serve as a blog) up to $30+ per month if your plan includes hosting too.

DIY Builder: Cons

Limited Customization: With so many limitations, DIY website builders are not worth the time. They offer only limited customization options and don’t allow you to own your design which means switching providers would require starting over. 

Lack of Help and Customer Service: The customer service of a DIY builder cannot provide personalized assistance like a custom website builder can. With a DIY builder, there is little to no 24/7 phone support for technical problems or troubleshooting.

The biggest problem is that you’re limited in what customization options they provide for free, meaning if you want something other than default colors or style, it will cost extra (or not available). Also, these programs aren’t intuitive by any means, which sometimes makes learning how everything works difficult without extensive research before diving right into construction mode.

Custom Website – Pros and Cons

Creating a custom website for your business is an investment that will pay off in more ways than you can ever imagine. For an even deeper dive into the differences, check out our comparison of DIY websites with custom websites.

Custom Website Pros

Expert Web Developers: You can have a custom website designed by experts with all the features you need. You’ll receive personal attention, including someone to talk through every step of your setup and help wherever needed. 

You’re in Full Control: The web developer is committed to fulfilling each client’s individual needs, which

means that they use their domain name if possible or one recommended by them at least – This ensures control over what goes on your page no matter who designs it for us (even though we offer lots more than just design).

Custom websites offer you the chance to be in control. You can get full design customization possibilities, including someone who will help with every step of your project and answer any questions that come up along the way – all while giving personalized attention just for YOU. And when it comes time for an update or new site launch? We’ll provide our tools, so nothing gets lost. Our team of web designers at ViviScape is here 24/7, ready to help.

Custom Website Cons

Custom websites are more expensive than DIY sites, but they take less time to launch. It’s easy for designers that have done this before and can communicate your needs well since you’re working together from scratch! Custom designs will also be secure with all the work on your end – not somebody else’s poorly designed site hacked into by bad actors who want nothing more than chaos in their lives (and probably money too). And lastly…custom web design has its perks: it doesn’t require any upfront capital investment, which means a lower risk of a financial loss if things don’t go according to plan.

We can help!

If you’re looking to get started with a website, or if your current site needs an update, the design of your site must match your branding. A custom website will be tailored specifically for you and can communicate all aspects of your brand message. The time saved by not having to maintain a DIY website constantly frees up more time so you can focus on growing your business. If this sounds like something that would help take you one step closer to success, give us a call today at (574) 207-6511.

We believe our team at ViviScape is the perfect partner for small businesses looking to grow their company with an excellent web presence for all these reasons and more. Contact us today if you’re interested in discussing what options work best for you and how we can help make this happen.

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