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Getting Personal with Tracking Your Time

Getting Personal with Tracking your Time

Lets talk about Getting Personal with Tracking your Time. If you are looking for a simple way to keep track of the time your spending with projects or tasks without the complexity of learning a complicated time management system. 

Then Clockwyz is definitely the App for you.  We have worked with several different project and tasking solutions to come up with the ultimate time tracking system for our company, but we found out that  one was exactly what we were looking for.   So we sought out to create something simple that covered the basic interactions of the daily projects we work on.  After using Clockwyz over the last year project manager, developers, and designers saw how convenient it was utilizing this simple application we built to solve a simple problem we were having. 

It’s working for us, so we believe it can work for you!

Our Initial offering will be free for individuals.  In the near future, we will be providing access to our Team’s version to the public.  Users that participate in our beta channel will gain access to early access to teams and other subsequent powerups.

You can get started today by downloading the app on the iOS App Store:

We can’t wait to see how Clockwyz can save you time!

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