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ViviScape’s FoodChaser: Revolutionizing Local Food Scenes Through Custom Software

The WHY Behind the Idea of FoodChaser

The impact of technology on various industries is profound, and the food industry is no exception! Everyone loves food, because everyone has to eat. And, for many, this opens lots of doors for businesses. Unfortunately, sometimes these businesses lose on visbility and end up closing their doors way to early. Because of this, ViviScape has strived to make a dent on many food pop-ups and trucks that end up falling victim to the no-show marketing, where efforts may go into marketing yet there are still no customers. ViviScape, our pioneering software company, has demonstrated the transformative power of custom software with their creation—FoodChaser—an app designed to connect food enthusiasts with their local food trucks. This innovative platform has not only revolutionized how people discover and engage with culinary experiences but also highlights the significance of tailored software solutions for local businesses! With this, visbility is at the users’ fingertips without all the ad spend, late nights, and crazy marketing schemes that just do not work.

FoodChaser emerged from a simple yet powerful idea: to bridge the gap between passionate food lovers and the dynamic world of food trucks. Our team at ViviScape recognized the potential in amalgamating technology with the ever-growing food truck culture, where these mobile culinary delights often struggled with visibility and outreach compared to traditional eateries. Thus, they embarked on a journey to create an intuitive, user-friendly app that would revolutionize how people explore and indulge in their local food scenes.

One of the key aspects that set FoodChaser apart was its customization. ViviScape understands that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for the diverse and often unique needs of food truck vendors. Hence, we developed a platform that allowed food truck owners to showcase their offerings, update locations in real-time, and engage directly with their customer base. By tailoring the software to cater to the specific requirements of each vendor, FoodChaser empowered these small businesses to compete more effectively in the digital landscape.

Among some of the other offerings of FoodChaser are as follows:

For Vendors-

  • Open and close your business straight from your phone
  • Update wait times so you eliminate the issue of annoyed or disgruntled customers
  • Remove sold-out menu items, update with new ones, and create promotional offers for ones you need to get rid of
  • Send messages to your followers, eliminating the hassle of trying to figure out how to get a hold of them
  • Add all vendor listings, whether they are trucks, tents, carts, or other creative setups
  • Enhance your menu by adding detailed listings with enticing photos and mouthwatering descriptions – it’s your recipe for increased sales

For Chasers-

  • See all food trucks around you and take your pick of what you want to eat
  • “Favorite” the food trucks you love and visit often
  • Send messages to vendors about their items, special requests, or sold-out products
  • Try new cuisines that you may have never tried before
  • Get directions to your food trucks straight from the app
  • Support your local community- the best reason yet!

What Else to LOVE About FoodChaser?

Another MAJOR feature of FoodChaser for vendors and chasers is the opportunity to make fast cash. We want everyone to experience the beauty of the app and how great it is for local communities. Because of this ViviScape has a FoodChaser affliate program that you can take advantage of straight from the app. Once you have an account, you will have an affliate link that you can use to get more people on FoodChaser AND GET PAID!

What Else to LOVE About FoodChaser?

Since the launch of our app FoodChaser has been a HUGE hit. We are seeing more and more vendors and chasers on the app and we know are spanning nation-wide! FoodChaser not only underscores the impact of custom software but also sheds light on the vital role technology plays in empowering local businesses. We see how apps and companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash sit in major cities and don’t offer their services in smaller ones. In addition, these companies aren’t dedicated to putting the money back into the pockets of local businesses. They often increase prices and margins so the local businesses and drivers don’t see much of that profit. Often, discussions about technological advancements revolve around large corporations, overshadowing the immense value it holds for smaller enterprises. However, ViviScape’s endeavor with FoodChaser challenges this narrative by showcasing how custom software can level the playing field for local food vendors, enabling them to harness the power of technology to expand their reach and enhance customer engagement wheverever they are located. And, we are here to HELP small business, as is our main mission and goal of our company. FoodChaser’s impact extends beyond convenience; it fosters a sense of community by creating a platform where food enthusiasts can discover hidden culinary gems and support local businesses. This sense of connection and community engagement underscores the societal value that well-crafted software solutions can bring to industries.

ViviScape’s journey with FoodChaser stands as a testament to the transformative power of custom software in redefining industry landscapes. It exemplifies how innovative tech solutions, tailored to the specific needs of local businesses, can drive substantial growth, enhance customer experiences, and foster community engagement.


In conclusion, FoodChaser’s story serves as an inspiring example of how custom software solutions can revolutionize industries, especially for local businesses often overlooked in discussions about technological advancements. ViviScape’s dedication to empowering food truck vendors through technology not only showcases the potential for change but also highlights the importance of inclusivity in technological innovation. As technology continues to evolve, stories like FoodChaser’s pave the way for a future where custom software becomes a driving force in empowering and elevating diverse businesses across various sectors.

For Food Lovers! 

🍜 Ready to embark on a flavor-packed journey? 🍦

FoodChaser app
FoodChaser app

For Vendors!

🍜 Ready to get visbility and gain profit?

FoodChaser app

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