6 Reasons Virtual Tours Are Better Than Printed Brochures

When selling a product, business, or property there are many options to choose from in how to go about it. One very popular option that many businesses are including in their marketing toolkit is the virtual tour. The printed collateral of yesterday is now being replaced with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Virtual tours are gaining more popularity over printed brochures for numerous reasons.

Here are six of the top reasons why virtual tours are better than printed brochures:

1. Availability

The first reason is that virtual tours are not limited to times when the business or location is open, they can be watched at any time. Brochures on the other hand can only be viewed during business hours and cannot always be printed out off of the internet for convenience. Unlike a brochure, updated information about your business is available online 24/7. Customers lose brochures or put them away with the “junk mail” and never view them. Virtual tours are there for the audience that is truly interested in viewing them. Those are quality views which are far more valuable than random people to whom you’ve mailed a brochure.

2. Cost

Virtual tours are available online so there is no cost for the business, but printed brochures require paper and ink which can be costly. In addition to this, printed brochures must also have a design which can also be costly. Shipping is getting more expensive each year. The cost of printed brochures all depends on how many customers you plan to reach. This limits your marketing efforts. But with a virtual tour, there are no limitations. Your tour could reach thousands of potential customers.

3. Convenience of Viewing and Flexibility

Virtual tours are available on websites so they are easily viewed from any location with internet connection. Printed brochures have to either be shipped or hand delivered which can limit who sees them and who doesn’t.

Virtual tours are the same no matter where they are viewed, but printed brochures have to be resized depending on if they are being viewed online or in print.

Google Street View’s virtual tours have been available since 2007. They have helped many organizations, businesses and locations present themselves accurately to a broad audience. To date, Google Street View has made over 8 million panoramas of the world’s streets, roads and highways viewable online.

Google Street View was a huge advancement in virtual tours because not only did it allow everyone to see business locations, but it allowed people to look around from an aerial view which is more informative than just a flat image.

It’s common knowledge that you can use any number of tools to make your business stand out. But if you want to really be successful, you need a virtual tour on Google Maps. Your potential customers are looking up directions and viewing the map for hours every day. They’re also using it as a way to plan trips with friends or family members who live elsewhere, so it’s important that your business stands out. 

The best thing about virtual tours is that they give people the opportunity to experience what it would be like before visiting in person. 

4. Custom options

Virtual tours allow for unlimited possibilities when it comes to custom options such as adding hotspots and customizable tours, but printed brochures can only be customized so much.

5. Beat Your Competitors and Reach a Broader Market

Virtual tours have been gaining more and more popularity over printed brochures for numerous reasons. One of the top reasons why virtual tours are better than printed brochures is that they can reach a broader market. Printed brochures take up physical space and become outdated fast, but virtual tours are always up-to-date and take up virtually no space. In addition to this, printed brochures must also have a design which can be costly, but virtual tours require no design or paper which makes them cheaper in the long run. Finally, because printed brochures must either be shipped or hand delivered depending on if they’re being viewed online or in print respectively; there’s less flexibility with who sees them compared to virtual tours which allow for unlimited possibilities when it comes to custom options.

6. Flexibility

Virtual tours give the user the flexibility to watch them when it is convenient

If you are looking for a memorable way to promote a product or location, a virtual tour may be the ideal solution. Brochures strike out compared to the versatility of online tours which can be viewed at any time from anywhere with internet connection.

Contact us today to discuss how to incorporate virtual tours in your marketing strategy. The power of VR and video gives a business a boost in engagement and reaches far more customers than printed collateral. ViviScape‘s marketing team can help you with this and more. Call us today at (574) 207-6511 or contact us.

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