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Virtual Reality is the Future of Campus Tours

Virtual Reality is the Future of Campus Tours

How universities are using VR to help students choose their college…

For many students, campus tours are an opportunity for them to learn more about the school they may be attending in the future. With virtual reality (VR), students experience a virtual walkthrough of their preferred college before even stepping foot on campus.

Numerous colleges and universities across the country use VR-based software to give prospective students a virtual glimpse of what it is like to visit the campus. Some schools are even using VR technology for interactive games or projects in academia. Check out the University of Michigan’s 360-degrees virtual tour and the Stanford University tour.

VR as a Recruitment Tool

Virtual reality can also be beneficial as a recruiting tool as some universities use companies like ViviScape to create virtual campus tours, which are used in their marketing strategy.

In a virtual tour, students walk through different buildings on campus, with the ability to choose what they want to see sometimes in real time by looking around them.

Universities such as Baylor University, Duke University, and the University of Georgia have virtual tours. And so can universities and colleges in the Michigan and Indiana area. ViviScape can help your school integrate the power of virtual tours in its marketing strategy.

Saves the Student’s Time and Money

University virtual tours save students time and money that would otherwise be spent traveling throughout different colleges and universities in the great search for their ideal university.

Interact and Explore in 3D

ViviScape‘s virtual campus tours provide a detailed look into the campus that prospective students can access from anywhere in the world. In addition to visualizing what campus looks like, they also allow users to interact with the environment and explore the campus through maps, metrics, and 360-degree video. This opens students up to a bigger world of greater opportunities; not just local ones. They can visit campuses thousands of miles away without buying a plane ticket.

VR Games and Learning Tools

Another benefit universities are realizing from integrating VR into their campus tours is the opportunity to give students a chance to interact with one another in a virtual environment.

Virtual field trips are an excellent way for students of all learning styles, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cultural experiences to get involved in learning through more experiential methods. These opportunities are vital for students who are unable to travel to far-off places to learn about different cultures, because students can visit a foreign country without ever leaving their desks.

Virtual Tours in Pandemic Conditions

The use of VR makes it possible for everyone to travel without running any risks. It is especially helpful during times when campuses are closed due to COVID-19 or pandemic related shutdowns. Regardless of shutdowns in place at the time, potential students can still tour their dream campus to make sure it’s all that they dreamed. This saves the student’s time and prevents possible exposure at campuses with high rates of infection.

Private Schools K-12

Universities and colleges are not the only educational establishments in need of VR technology. In fact, private schools in grades K-12 are embracing VR technology with open arms as a recruitment tool and a learning tool to enhance the student experience.

The virtual reality headsets allow students to see and hear their teacher from different angles, which can help them better understand difficult concepts when it’s hard for them to focus when they have trouble seeing or hearing what is going on in front of them.

VR technology can also be used to create interactive 360-degree virtual tours of the school, allowing students to explore different buildings and even interact with certain exhibits.

Add the Power of VR to Your Marketing Toolkit

With advancing technologies like this, it’s no surprise that educational institutions are turning more towards virtual reality than ever before for inspiration and advancement in their fields. Not only is VR becoming a more popular recruitment tool, but it is also a way to attract students from all socioeconomic backgrounds and high-needs learning styles.

If your school is looking to catch up with the times and integrate new technologies into its campus tours, contact ViviScape today or call (574) 207-6511! We can help you add this powerful sales tool to your marketing strategy.

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