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Top 10 Remote Productivity Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Top 10 Remote Productivity Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Looking for the top 10 remote productivity apps you never knew you needed?

Are you tired of the same old boring apps that barely get you through the workday? Well, get ready to level up your remote work game with the Top 10 Remote Productivity Apps You Never Knew You Needed! These apps will revolutionize the way you work, making you wonder how you ever lived without them. From apps that help you find the perfect workspace to those that turn your notes into a high-tech spiderweb, this list has got it all. So grab your coffee, put on your best “I’m getting stuff done” playlist, and get ready to discover your new favorite productivity tools.

1. Obsidian.Md may not have been on your radar when it comes to remote productivity, but trust me, it’s a game changer. Not only does it allow you to easily create and organize notes, but you can also link them together like some kind of tech-savvy spiderweb. It’s like a digital version of that conspiracy board but without the weird red strings and pictures of politicians. Plus, has a dark mode, so you can work in style while pretending you’re a hacker in a ’90s movie.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, another note-taking app? Yawn.” But hold on to your hats, because is about to blow your mind. Obsidian using Mardown language that is growing in popularity for its easy-to-read, easy-to-edit format. Markdown is like the superhero of text formatting. Plus, it’s got street cred. It plays nicely with just about every app or software that uses plain text files.

And one of the best features of Obsidian (espeically for remoters)? It can work off and online.

2. Mind Meister

Are you tired of boring old note-taking apps? Are you done with people singing the praises of LucidChart? Meet Mind Meister – the ultimate brainstorming tool that’s like having a virtual playground for your ideas. It’s like a combination of a whiteboard and epic brainstorming all served up in a fun environment space for you and/or your team. With Mind Meister, you can create colorful, fun mind maps that will make even the most mundane tasks feel like a party. And don’t worry, if you’re feeling goth or just want to give your eyes a break from all that color, Mind Meister also has a dark mode too.

3. Canva

I know. This one probably needs no introduction. I mean, this list is called Top 10 Productivity Apps You Never Knew You Needed. And here, we have Canva. But listen, Canva still stands the test of time as being one of the best design and brainstorming apps around. So, lemme instead tell you about all of the features Canva has that you don’t even know about.

Canva is now better than it’s ever been with its awesome functional AI, the ability to take backgrounds completely out of your videos, and the power to swap heads, clothing, and props in your photos. Whether you are a crazy fantastic graphic designer or a noob to designing documents, photos, social media graphics, and more, Canva makes it super easy and accessible to take your projects for wah wah wah to wow!

4. Tango

Listen up, managers and mentors, because I’ve got the app for you – Tango! And no, we’re not talking about the dance, unless you like to dance while you work, then by all means, tango away. We’re not judgy here at ViviScape. But back to the app – Tango does all the heavy lifting for you by recording your entire process, taking screenshots, and creating a how-to document that anybody could understand. It’s so simple and useful, it’s like having a personal assistant who turns on with the press of the Tango button. So stop leaving your clients, colleagues, and future self in the dark and start using Tango. Trust me, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

5. Doodle

Heard of Doodle? Nope, it’s not the latest and greatest that the Paint app has to offer. It actually supports one of the biggest pains that remote professionals have- scheduling meetings. I can hear the collective ughs. But, with Doodle, throw all the collective scheduling woes away.

Doodle is the master of scheduling. Doodle can easily create a poll and send it out to all your coworkers, clients, or friends to find the best time that works for everyone. Say goodbye to endless group chats and try to navigate everyone’s busy schedules, especially ones in different time zones! You can even add a list of potential dates and times, and Doodle will automatically find the best option for your group. It’s like having a scheduling wizard on your side because we all know getting everyone scheduled takes a special kind of magic. (One that sometimes takes hours of back and forths). 

And don’t worry about missing any important meetings or events – Doodle integrates with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, so you can keep everything organized in one place. Plus, you can send reminders and follow-up messages to make sure everyone stays on track. 

Overall, Doodle is awesome and a perfect solution for organizing appointments, meetings, events, and the rogue virtual parties with ease.

6. Webex

At the height of Covid, the video conferencing app, Zoom, zoomed to new heights. But, is it really the best one still? Don’t get me wrong. I do love zoom and I prefer it over Slack and Teams conferencing (which have a million bajillion bugs), but Webex stands as an absolute beast contender.

Why? Webex not only functions as a video conferencing app, integrates with a ton of different scheduling and email apps and doubles as a team space for messaging but it has one ultra-cool feature that I love love love.

For the paid version of Webex, it will transcribe every meeting. As someone who is creatively driven but has definitely had to maneuver her way around tackling and managing a team meeting, this transcription feature was invaluable.

Despite being in the Top 10 Productivity Apps You Never Knew You Needed list, you may have heard of Cisco and all the wonderful software and features they bring to the world. Unbeknownst to some, Webex is umbrella’d under this company that is known to go above and beyond for its consumers. So, when we say you’re in good hands with Webex, we really mean it!

I also loved using it when I needed to explain a process. So, along with my trusty friend Tango, I would video my process. I when then have a complete process guide, a video, and a transcription of that video. It doesn’t get more thorough than that for your clients and colleagues.

7. Noisli

For anyone who enjoys working remotely in public spaces, you have probably been hit with the public noise wave more than once. It might be chill for a while, but suddenly a whole group of people come in and disrupt the peace you had going. You may grab your headphones for some music, but if you are anything like me, sometimes music adds to the noise and makes me even tenser than I started.

This is why I love Noisli. Noisli is the ultimate productivity and relaxation tool that combines soothing sounds and mesmerizing colors to create a customized environment that suits your needs. Whether you’re trying to focus on a project, get a good night’s sleep, or just chill out and unwind, Noisli has got you covered. With Noisli, you can even mix and match a variety of ambient sounds like rain, thunderstorm, wind, and forest to create the perfect background noise for your needs. You can also adjust the volume of each sound, so you can create your own unique blend that helps you stay focused and productive.

It also allows you to create your own personalized color palette to accompany your euphony of sounds. It’s like having the pleasant experience of Animal Crossing in your ears and eyes while you work, making any place you work productive and relaxing.

8. Workfrom

It may be listed as number 8 on our top 10 remote productivity apps you never knew you needed, but this is one I truly hadn’t heard of until a colleague of mine introduced it.

If you are a digital nomad of the remote workforce, you’re gonna need Workfrom. Just like the name implies, Workfrom is a software platform designed to help remote workers find the best places to work from, whether it’s a coffee shop, a co-working space, or a library. Workfrom offers a variety of features to help you find your perfect workspace, including detailed reviews and ratings from other users, photos of the space, and information about amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets, and seating. You can also filter your search results by location, price, noise level, and more, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

But want to spice your work life up even more? Workform is also a community of remote workers who are passionate about building relationships and supporting each other. You can connect with other Workfrom users in your area, join local events and meetups, and even contribute your own reviews and recommendations to the platform.

So, get ready to ditch your boring home office and join the remote work revolution with Workfrom.

9. Dashlane

We are certainly living in the world of subscriptions. You have subscriptions for movies and shows, music, productivity apps, creative apps, ai apps, and the list really goes on and on. But, for every subscription, there is an equal and normally 8-12 character password. Oh, so many passwords. And, with each password, there are a million rules.

Requires at least 2 special characters but can’t have them back to back
Requires at least 5 numbers
Can’t be a password you’ve already used
Has to be updated every 6 months
Can’t have any mention of personal information

Okay, great, but then how do I remember them all?

That’s where Dashlane comes in! Dashlane is a password management tool that can help you create, store, and manage complex passwords for all of your online accounts. With Dashlane, you only need to remember one master password to access all of your other passwords. 

I know what you’re thinking. Okay, but why Dashlane? Doesn’t LastPass and other apps do the same thing? In addition to password management, Dashlane also provides other security features such as automatic form filling, a digital wallet for securely storing payment information, and a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your online activity and data.

Dashlane offers both free and premium versions, with the premium version providing additional features such as dark web monitoring, identity theft insurance, and more advanced VPN protection. Moreover, Dashlane offers a variety of integrations with other software and browsers, making it easy to use across multiple devices and platforms.

Also, and I’ll just say it, Dashlane looks better. Funny, UX/UI design really does matter.

10. Clockwyz

We saved the absolute best for last for the top 10 remote productivity apps you never knew you needed. It may be number 10 on our list, but it’s number 1 in our hearts.

Yup, I already know what you’re thinking. I can read your mind through the computer screen. But, where’s Slack? How could you forget about anything Google? Um, aren’t you forgetting Toggl? But what about time-tracking apps like Harvest? Are you REALLY going to forget about ChatGPT? It’s, like, the best new thing.

Yeah, no. I have got you covered.

Introducing (drum roll please) Clockwyz (tada!). Clockwyz is the ultimate time-tracking software with so much more to offer. First, Clockwyz allows users to track their time efficiently using their project management system. You can input customers, projects, budgets, activity types, rate of any contractors or employees, tasks, and, of course, your recorded or inputted time. It gives your real insights into your business and lets you look at where your resources are being allocated. It gives you the power to truly understand where your time is going, how much time you are gaining or losing, and what you really need to be charging for your services.

And if that all sounds good, it doesn’t stop there. Clockwyz also has built-in team spaces so you can chat with your team directly in Clockwyz. No more circling around Teams, Slack, Google Chat, and the plethora of other chat software. Get the best communication from your team in the space designed to help your team move through the project.

But, what if I need more than a teams space? I have meeting notes, client details, and other documents that need uploading. So, what about adding Dropbox? No again! Clockwyz actually lets you upload any essential documents you have to any project you are working on, and those documents are always archived for when you need them even after the project is complete. It’s simple to use, and everyone on that project will have access to the materials (so no more sharing links and still getting the “permission to access” option).

Lastly, don’t sweat the AI (and it’s all about the AI). Clockwyz has got your AI needs covered! Say goodbye to constantly refreshing ChatGPT cause it crashed (haha, we still love you ChatGPT). You can simply prompt inside your team or individual space to have generated project management templates, sparkling new brainstorming ideas, or just need a question answered. AI will do its thing and match you with the best answers for your prompt. It’s really that easy!

Who knew there was a perfect tool that could really do it all?

What’s the top 10 remote productivity apps you never knew you needed that’s going to change your life?

Well, folks, there you have it – the Top 10 Remote Productivity Apps You Never Knew You Needed. And let’s be honest, we could all use a little more productivity in our lives, especially when we’re working from home in our pajamas. With these apps, you’ll be able to streamline your work, organize your tasks, and maybe even have a little fun along the way. So, what are you waiting for? Download these apps and get to work – or not, I’m not your boss. Just don’t blame us when you become a productivity machine and start taking over the world.

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