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The Mouse to Rival Them All

The Mouse to Rival Them All

Lets talk about The Mouse To Rival Them All. – I may be radioactive, or we just have too much tech in our office, but I was experiencing a ton of issues with Bluetooth mice in the office.  I went through several mice and spent hundreds of dollars trying to find something that could handle the basic duties of creating amazing applications. I’m on my journey to find The Mouse to Rival Them All.

I know what you’re saying.  Why did you spend all the money when you could just have done the obvious…?  Get a wired mouse!  Eventually, my common sense kicked in and decided to go that route.  

There was only one problem.  I can’t stand just have a basic mouse.  So, found a wired mouse setting around the office and plugged it up.  It was amazing it worked! I then began my journey of turning it up a notch.  After looking through reviews, my focus was just finding something with great precision,  cost-effective had a few style points. In other words, The Mouse to Rival Them All.

After a solid 20min of searching, I came across the Rival 600. Yes, 20 minutes. 🙂  Not the newest of the bunch, but an incredible mouse.  The best part about it is, it has LIGHTS!  Not just lights, super control over the lights.

If you are looking for a satisfying mouse, try the SteelSeries Rival 600, The Mouse to Rival Them All.

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