Employee Training Done Right

What is employee training and why should I care?

Employee training is a prominently overlooked tool for businesses— but it’s super important! It’s all about giving your employees the tools they need to rock their jobs like pros. Think of it as the upgrade button for productivity, adaptability, and teamwork. Plus, when you invest in training, it’s like saying, “Hey, we care about your growth and want you to be happy here.” That’s how you keep the A-team on board and attract top talent like a magnet. So, training isn’t just about avoiding “uh-oh” moments; among other things, it’s about creating a learning-loving culture where everyone can reach their full potential and take the company to new heights.
Employee Training Done Right

Why is employee training vital for companies?

  • Supercharged Productivity: Training turns your employees into productivity ninjas! They become more efficient, make fewer mistakes, and super-optimize their work processes. It’s like giving them a turbo boost for getting things done.
  • Skill Power-Up: Training isn’t just a level-up, it’s like finding the hidden power-up mushrooms in Mario! Your employees acquire new skills, fine-tune their existing ones, and stay on top of industry trends. They become unstoppable forces of awesomeness, delivering top-notch performance.
  • Chameleon Mode: Companies need to adapt like a chameleon at a disco party. Training ensures your employees are ready to groove with any change—whether it’s new tech, fresh strategies, or market twists. They’ll be busting moves while others are stuck doing the Macarena.
  • Employee Happiness Mix: Training shows your employees some serious love. They feel valued, supported, and jazzed about their growth and advancement. It’s like giving them a happiness boost and turning your workplace into a dance floor of engagement.
  • Talent Magnet: Want to attract and keep the cream of the crop? Training is your secret sauce! Top talent craves organizations that invest in their development. When you offer growth opportunities, they’ll be knocking on your door like groupies at a rock concert.
  • Consistency Power Rangers: Training creates a squad of consistency superheroes. Everyone’s on the same page, delivering consistent knowledge and skills. It’s like forming a mighty alliance that wows customers, boosts satisfaction, and gives your rep an extra shine.
  • Risk Busters: Safety, ethics, and legal stuff—training covers it all! Your employees will be like trained Jedi masters, equipped with the knowledge to navigate potential pitfalls. Accidents, legal troubles, and other headaches? No worries, they’ll be deflected like lightsabers.
  • Future Leaders Unleashed: Leadership development is key to your company’s success. Training paves the way for your employees to step up, become leaders, and ensure a smooth transition of talent. It’s like grooming a squad of Rockstar leaders ready to rock the stage.
Employee training is like watering a plant—essential for growth and happiness of the plant! With training, you’ll see your employees shine like disco balls on a dance floor. Their performance will skyrocket, they’ll be engaged, and they’ll stick around like gum on a shoe. Plus, training helps you dodge risks like Neo dodging bullets in “The Matrix.” It’s the recipe for productivity magic that’ll make your organization soar higher than a bird on caffeine. But, how does a business step up there game and make training that will really connect and engage their employees?

What makes employee training engaging for business employees?

Instill clear organization of the topics, training goals and objectives, standards for success

Alright, picture this- you start your employee training journey. You know all the ins and outs of your company that safety and regulation is written on the back of your hand. You start trying to explain to an employee how things should go, and you go on this tangent and that only to look up at a very confused, overwhelmed trainee. I think we have all been there! Employee training without clear organization is like a wild rodeo without a lasso. It can be total chaos and do the exact opposite of instilling your people with the confidence and guidance they need to do their job efficiently. Before you actually begin the training, you need to corral those topics, goals, and objectives into a neat little pen. Create a roadmap to success for your training journey. You want everyone on the same page, not lost like in a corn maze of regulation this and article that. And lastly, set clear standards for success and benchmarks for success. It’s amazing to make things off this list one-by-one, and it’s the same here! How else will your employee know if they are winning or just running in circles like a hamster on a wheel? So wrangle those topics, set those goals, and define those standards, because clear organization is the lasso that’ll tame the wild training frontier and steer you straight to victory!

Provide fun gamification and a dynamic learning experience for employees

The second big area you want to cover if you are making training material for your company is engagement. How do people stay invested? What drives them to continue to learn? If you want your employees to be as excited as a kid in a candy store, you’ve gotta bring on the fun and games. Turn that training into an epic quest, like they’re Mario on a mission to save the princess Peach. Add some gamification magic with leaderboards, badges, challenges, and statuses for people to visualize their progress in real-time. Who doesn’t want to be the champion of the training realm? And hey, you can even spice things up with an extra dash of learning! Interactive quizzes, in-module questionnaires, and real-life scenarios make great engagement for employees to learn and have fun. Keep those employees on their toes! Because when training feels like a thrilling roller coaster ride, they’ll be screaming “Woo-hoo!” and coming back for more. So level up that training game, my friends, and get ready for an epic adventure that’ll have your employees begging for an encore!
Employee Training Done Right

Create training that hooks employees and keeps them engaged with the content

None of this can work if your employees can’t stay awake long enough to finish the training. We all know that training can run a bit dry, so how do you quench the thirst for knowledge and create content that doesn’t feel like a snooze fest? We have three words: videos, videos, videos.
Okay, you caught us (cough cough videos). If you want employees to pay attention, you have to have some really engaging storytelling, and videos are the spice of life in the training world. No boring textbooks allowed, no more death by PowerPoint, and certainly no Articulate web pages that scroll on and on and on. We need drama, suspense, and a hero’s journey to captivate those employees. Throw in some hilarious anecdotes, and you’ve got ’em hooked like a fish on a line. We’re talking explosions of knowledge, visual feasts, and unforgettable moments that’ll make their eyes pop like popcorn in a microwave. So, let the storytelling magic begin, unleash the power of videos, and watch your training sessions become the blockbuster hit of the year.

What makes employee training engaging for business employees?

Provide successful training benchmarks and quizzes

Success begins at measuring! You can’t know how effective your training material is unless you can see how much content was viewed vs how much content was retained. I can read a book and still tell you nothing about it if I wasn’t paying attention. So, how do we combat that? With quizzes and benchmarks! Just like playing jeopardy or 20 questions, you want to know what your employees don’t know vs. what they do in order to make sure they are within the safety guidelines and regulations that you are training them on. If they cannot get the material right on a questionnaire, then they definitely don’t need to be taking it out to the field!
Employee Training Done Right

Implement an LMS systems that monitors, measures, and records

An LMS system is a must-have if you want to do employee training right. LMS stands for Learning Management Software, and is the best tool to have in your tool belt. With an LMS, you can upload your videos into one spot, measure how long your employees watched the video for, and see how they are doing on quizzes. You can even set up training in sections, modules, or units so that employees cannot move ahead without mastering the foundational skills needed. With this fancy-schmancy system, you’ll have all the data you need to make informed decisions, like a boss! For employees, it’s like having a personal trainer tracking your reps and sets, but without the sweaty gym clothes. Think YouTube or Skill Share but way better because it’s personalized for you. Have your branding, your training, and (of course) your top-secret business information in one safe and secure place for you and your employees.

How do I know get started?

You might be feeling like this is all pretty overwhelming. How do you account for pieces that you don’t even know about? How do I create an LMS system? Do I need to get video equipment and other stuff to tell a good training story?
How about all three in one?
With ViviScape, we are a dedicated eLearning company that can create stunning visual presentations and videos that tell an engaging story. We also have the ultimate software engineers to create the best and most advanced eLearning system (LMS) that you could dream of. And, we even have instructional eLearning strategists that take your content up a notch! Employee training has never looked so easy or so fun. So, don’t feel like you need to be the expert on top of the 100 other things you need to be an expert in. Let us take the reins on your employee training, and create something extraordinary with your vision.

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