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Elkhart, IN Top 10 Haunted Halloween Events

Elkhart, IN

As the leaves turn from lush green to fiery shades of orange and red, a shiver runs down the spine of Elkhart, Indiana, and it’s not just because of the crisp autumn air. With the arrival of October comes a bewitching transformation of this town, as it embraces the eerie and the supernatural like never before. Elkhart, IN, has long been a hub for family-friendly fall festivities, but beneath its picturesque façade lies a hidden world of haunted horrors waiting to be unearthed. From ghostly encounters in historic buildings to spine-tingling hayrides through darkened forests, Elkhart is home to a plethora of chilling Halloween events that will leave even the bravest souls trembling in terror. Join us as we embark on a spine-chilling journey through the Top 10 Haunted Halloween events in Elkhart, IN, where the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and every shadow conceals a potential fright. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding adventure into the supernatural, where the ghosts of Elkhart’s past come out to play and Halloween takes on a whole new, bone-chilling dimension.

Kicking off October, River Oaks Church is hosting a Fall Fest that the whole family can enjoy! Hayrides, football, and delicious october treats are sure to put your right in the autumn spirit and set you up for a perfect Halloween month!

Indiana Lore

June 3, 2023
– May 12, 2024

808 West Washington Street
South Bend, Indiana 46601

There’s nothing better than a haunted ghost story, and this time they might be true! Check out The History Museum’s newest exhibit Indiana Lore for Halloween and learn all about the tall tales that come right out of your own backyard!

October 1, 2023 –
November 1, 2023
Center of Town,
Waterford and Elkhart Streets,
Wakarusa, IN

Wanting a more casual, scenic approach to starting off the Halloween season right? Why not head down tot he center of Waterford and Elkhart street to see the beautifully displayed Wakarusa Pumpkin Tree! And of course, snap some amazing shots!

Want to have fun and support a great cause? Try out the Floating Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser! Not only will you get your own pumpkin to decorate how you choose but your donation will be benefitting the Shepard Swim School Scholarship Program!

September 27, 2023 –
October 31, 2023
315 County Road 17,
Elkhart, IN 46516

Need to upgrade your hayride to a train ride? We got you covered. If you haven’t already found the perfect event for the Halloween month try the Pumpkin Patch Express!

October 26, 2023
350 S Main St.,
Waterfall Dr and High St, IN

We are no strangers to the Downtown Elkhart ArtWalk, and we don’t want you to be either! If you need a fun event while also supporting local shops and artists, check out the Treat or Treat event happening at the Downtown Elkhart ArtWalk! Candy and gifts? We approve!

October 27 – 28
3033 County Road 45,
Goshen, IN 46528

Nothing spells H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N like a campire and hayride. If you are looking for autumn delights in a beautiful setting, then look no further. Bring friends, the halloween spirit, and a bit of cash to enjoy this event so close to Halloween!

October 27th
6:30 PM
401 S Main St
Elkhart, IN

Movie and a show! If you need to wind down the month, definitely check out The Lerner Theatre’s showing of Hocus Pocus. And, if you are wanting an extra fright, be sure to follow up the movie with their haunted history tours!

October 28, 2023
12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
721 S Main,
Elkhart, IN

Want to end the Halloween month in an extra exciting way? Definitely grab your ticket for the National New York Central Halloween Party! Included in your fun for the evening is a mini train ride, haunted railcar, and of course yummy treats!

October 7-
October 31
855 Mayflower Rd,
Niles, MI, 

We saved the best for last! Nothing spells halloween without a good fright, and if you are looking to put a bit of scrrrream in your night, then look no further than Niles Scream Park. Want to know what they are all about. Well, not to let the black cat at of the trick-o-treat bag, but you definitely want to be following our Let’s Talk About That news!

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