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Customer Appreciation Ideas for Businesses

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Have you thought about how you’ll express gratitude to your customers for their business? Customer appreciation ideas for businesses really depend on the company. It is crucial to have a precise understanding of your customer’s needs to provide them with an adequate level of service and satisfaction.

Showing gratitude to your customers is a surefire way to have them come back for more. Here are some ideas on how to do this:

1. You could give your customers an exclusive gift. 

This will show that you appreciate their business. It is essential to understand what kind of gift would be appropriate for your customers. Understanding your audience is the key here.

2. Host an exclusive event just for your regular customers. 

These events do not have to be large or extravagant, but the idea is that they are special occasions where you can meet with them and reaffirm their business relationship. For example, a real estate brokerage may host an annual Fall Festival at a park or their brokerage specifically for their customers. 

3. Offer your customers an incentive. 

This could be anything from discounts on future orders, free products, or services delivered along with their regularly ordered product, coupons to be used towards future orders, and so forth.

4. Create a customer loyalty program.

You could create a loyalty program on your website where customers can sign up online for points that accumulate with every purchase. After they earn enough points, they can redeem them on rewards or discounts on future purchases. This is an excellent way for businesses to save time while still showing appreciation to their customers.

5. Offer your customers a small gift with each purchase. 

This idea works well for many businesses, and there are endless possibilities of what you could give with each order. It could be something inexpensive, such as a small trinket, scented candle, or pen. It could also be something more thoughtful, such as a handwritten note or calendar with photos of employees. Whatever you decide on, make sure it is appropriate for the occasion and does not look cheap.

6. Provide your product at a lower price than usual for one day only. 

This will show customers that you are grateful for their business and feel they deserve a discount once in a while. This is also a great incentive for customers to come back for more on this particular day. Think of it as a flash sale only for loyal customers.

7. Do something extra for your clients. 

If you have the time, create handmade cards specifically thanking them for their business and including coupons or other promotional materials that will benefit them during future purchases.

8. Include a handwritten note with each package you ship out. 

This will show customers that their business is appreciated and that you have taken the time to write a personalized message to them.

9. Offer your product at a discount for a limited time only. 

If there is a particular promotion in your industry, this would be an excellent time to offer your customers the same promotion. This is helpful because it makes them feel like you are on the same team, and they won’t be left behind when everyone else is getting in on the action.

10. Include a handwritten happy birthday card with each package shipped out during the customer’s birthday month. 

This shows that you remember their birthday and that you are grateful for their business. This is not only thoughtful, but it will also ensure they remember your name each year.

Anything can be an appreciation gift if it comes from the heart. These ideas were just some of the most popular suggestions among business owners. Make sure you are creative when you show gratitude towards your customers for their loyalty, but above all else, make sure what you give them is authentic.

ViviScape helps businesses of all sizes reach their goals by finding the best solutions for them. We take pride in being able to help tell your story and continue building on what you’ve already accomplished! 

Lisa Logan

My focus is on improving the user experience and making sure documents are clear, concise, and engaging. It is my goal to provide content that addresses customer needs and heightens user experience. I bring a background in public relations, government, and customer service to the mix, blending my interests in content, presentation, and customer communication.


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