3 Benefits of Augmented Reality for Your Business

You may remember the Pokémon Go craze back in 2016 when it was all the rage and people were driving to various places in the hopes of finding AR-created Pokémon characters. It quickly became one of the most downloaded mobile apps in the world. This is a great example of the use of augmented reality (AR) in a mobile app.

This article examines three benefits of augmented reality for your business and how it can help you increase productivity and efficiency and better understand your customer’s needs.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that can make people believe they are seeing or interacting with something in the real world when it is not there. It was initially created for fun and entertainment purposes but has now become an essential business tool.

Using AR, customers can try out products before they buy them (which, as we know, is a great way to increase sales). You could also use it for online shopping or in-store marketing by placing digital objects next to the real ones.

The first AR benefit we will discuss is customer engagement.

Customer Engagement and Better Understanding of Customer Needs

AR is a highly engaging tool that can be used to create unique experiences for your customers.

Also, one of the most effective ways to increase engagement is through advanced product visualization. For example, you can use AR to look at a potential purchase from all angles and explore the features of an item before buying it.

AR apps help your customers feel more confident in their purchases as they can look at the items they want, which increases conversion rates.

In addition, by using AR, you create a personalized shopping experience where customers try out different options before buying them, thus increasing your sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Increased Employee Productivity

The second benefit of augmented reality for businesses is increased employee productivity through improved training programs and business processes management (BPM).

AR provides a more engaging and fun experience for employees as it is easy to use and creates unique effects. For example, suppose you need to train your sales team to close new deals or communicate with customers. In that case, AR is an excellent teaching tool that keeps their attention better than boring PowerPoint presentations.

Also, AR apps help your employees understand the tasks they need to complete much better and improve their understanding of how a process works.

This, in turn, will increase productivity and employee engagement with company processes, thus improving performance.

AR can also be used for BPM purposes through advanced visualization tools that are easy to use by anyone in the team. This will allow your employees to see how a business process works before getting started, which reduces costs and mistakes made in the process, thus increasing efficiency.

Improved Online Product Visualization

AR benefits customer support by improving online product visualization, allowing customers to share their experiences with potential buyers, or providing them with an option to ask for advice.

For example, provide AR support through your social media pages. Customers visualize how a product works without having it physically before them, which can help with their decision-making process and increase conversions.

AR apps are also perfect for sharing real customer experiences by allowing potential buyers to see how a product works in real life. This helps them understand what to expect from the item they want to buy and avoid unpleasant surprises after receiving their purchase, which increases customer satisfaction.

AR also helps online shoppers with advice or opinion gathering through surveys, focus groups, or polls where users share their personal experiences within an AR app.

This information is then used to improve your business processes, thus creating a more positive customer experience, which increases sales and brand loyalty.

AR is the future

In the future, augmented reality will be a part of everyday life. Its significance will grow exponentially as smart connected products (SCPs) spread and become more common. This expected growth of AR will come about because it amplifies the SCPs’ power to create value in various ways, from shaping competition or even interacting with objects remotely without physically being present at all times. AR will be used not just for devices but also clothing items where images come alive right before your eyes. Online glasses stores are already using AR for virtual try-ons. The customer can virtually try on various eyeglass frames. Other businesses can use AR to show customers a product feature or a walk-through tour of retail space.

ViviScape creates AR apps for business. Our goal is to provide businesses with engaging experiences to increase sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty by delivering an immersive experience with their products.

One way we do this is through product visualization, where AR allows customers to see how a product works without having it in front of them, which can help with their decision-making process and increase conversions.

Another way we use AR for business purposes is through online customer support, allowing potential buyers to see how a product works in real life. This helps them understand what they are buying before actually receiving it, which increases satisfaction from customers and brand loyalty. In addition, ViviScape uses AR tools such as surveys, focus groups, and polls to gather customer feedback for business process improvement.

Contact us today so we can help your business implement augmented reality for your mobile apps and websites.

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