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Digital Marketing and Software Development

US Diabetes Care
Transform your digital marketing and custom software solutions with ViviScape! Our team crafts the best apps that deliver exceptional experiences.
US Diabetes Care

Our ViviScape marketing and software team brought a transformative wave of support to US Diabetes Care, a prominent clinic and diabetic resource center, by meticulously addressing their digital marketing requirements. With a comprehensive approach, ViviScape adeptly navigated the realm of 

  • Social media strategies
  • Curated compelling digital ads
  • Revamped digital materials
  • Enhanced website maintenance and design
  • Ensured a cohesive and impactful online presence for US Diabetes Care
  • And, created a workbook for diabetics to help manage their diabetes

Beyond these vital marketing elements, ViviScape catalyzed an innovative stride by collaborating on an ingenious eLearning software app. Tailored specifically to educate individuals living with diabetes and to aid clinics in efficiently managing diabetic eLearning patients, this app stands as a testament to ViviScape’s dedication in not only meeting but exceeding the unique needs of US Diabetes Care, fostering progress and empowerment within the diabetic community.

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Our Project Execution

Although we worked on several items for US Diabetes Care, we want to focus on the biggest and most meaningful undertaking- the US Diabetes Care elearning app.


Our team engaged in extensive discussions with US Diabetes Care, a company dedicated to treating and educating diabetic patients, to fully grasp their brand values, target audience, and goals. We delved into their vision and aspirations, gaining valuable insights into their unique approach to diabetic care and education. This deep understanding became the bedrock upon which we crafted our strategy and created the framework of their US Diabetes Care elearning app.


ViviScape partnered with US Diabetes Care, a devoted entity specializing in the treatment and education of diabetic patients, to design a groundbreaking eLearning app. Understanding the critical need for accessible and comprehensive education in managing diabetes, our collaboration aimed at creating a user-friendly app tailored specifically to cater to the diverse needs of patients and clinics. Through meticulous planning and innovative design, we crafted an intuitive platform that seamlessly integrated educational resources, empowering tools, and efficient management solutions. This app stood as a beacon of support, offering invaluable insights and guidance to individuals navigating the complexities of diabetes while assisting clinics in delivering top-notch care to their patients. The result was a design for an app that empowers patients and revolutionizes how to gain education for diabetic management.


The journey of developing an eLearning app for US Diabetes Care, a company committed to the treatment and education of diabetic patients, was a collaborative adventure between ViviScape and their passionate team. From wireframes to prototypes, our development process was marked by meticulous planning and constant communication. We crafted an intuitive user interface, ensuring seamless navigation through educational modules and interactive tools. Rigorous testing and refinements were key as we fine-tuned the app to guarantee a smooth user experience. 


The end result was not just an app but a digital sanctuary, a hub of knowledge and empowerment, streamlining diabetic education for patients while equipping clinics with an innovative tool for efficient management and support. So, now that we have the app working functionally, we worked on a hub for clinics so they can keep track of progress. 

Lastly, we created a strategy implementing digital ads, social media strategy, and app scalability to make sure that we make the most to distribute this life-saving app. 

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Main Highlights

Our ViviScape work strives to only showcase the best of what each client and business has to offer. Check out our project showcase, and let us know if we can help with any of your business’s marketing, social media, and software needs.

Social Media Strategy and Social Media Graphics

At ViviScape, we teamed up with the fantastic crew at US Diabetes Care to amp up their social media game. With creativity as our compass, we dove headfirst into crafting eye-catching social media graphics that were as vibrant as they were informative. Every pixel was carefully curated to resonate with their audience, making diabetes education engaging and accessible.

But hey, it wasn’t just about the visuals. We cooked up a killer social media strategy, a roadmap to elevate their online presence and connect with their community on a whole new level. Together, we sparked conversations, shared valuable insights, and made sure their social platforms were buzzing with useful info, empowering individuals and clinics alike in the world of diabetes management.

ViviScape Videography: Tell Your Story

Through videography magic, we brought these heartfelt stories to life, giving voice to individuals who’ve navigated the challenges of diabetes with resilience and determination. By letting these amazing folks share their progress and victories, we aimed to inspire and connect with others facing similar paths. Each video became a testament to hope and possibility, spreading encouragement and fostering a community of support. Working hand in hand, we highlighted the real experiences and triumphs, empowering others to believe in their ability to thrive while managing diabetes.

Business Plan
US Diabetes Care

Our work with US Diabetes Care isn’t just about working with a fantastic client on their marketing needs. It’s about helping a partner with their mission of changing the world in how they view diabetes, live with diabetes, and change the landscape of diabetes. When you work with us, your mission becomes our mission. 

Want to read more about all the wonderful work our partner US Diabetes Care is doing for the diabetic community? We have even more! Check out our client highlight blog where we talk about our work with US Diabetes Care and the mission of their clinic. We even have a blurb from the man behind the change himself- Tim Keller!