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Let’s Talk About That Sponsorships

Let’s Talk About That is a ViviScape podcast dedicated to small businesses in Elkhart, Indiana and beyond. We have plenty of fun hijinks, amazing guest appearances, and lots of tantalizing conversation every Tuesday and Thursday!

Let’s Talk About That Sponsorships

Continuing to Provide Growth Opportunities for Businesses!

Let’s Talk About That podcast has been a resounding success, providing a platform for local businesses and non-profit organizations to connect with our vibrant Elkhart community.

Throughout multiple seasons, we’ve had the privilege of engaging with exceptional guests and sharing their insights with our local audience. And, we’re proud to offer this valuable resource to our guests without any cost, allowing them to spotlight their endeavors without the burden of additional marketing expenses. We’ve witnessed firsthand how this opportunity has significantly enhanced the visibility of numerous local businesses by gaining hundreds of new eyes that may never have even known about that amazing business!

Excitingly, we are now extending a similar opportunity to you by inviting you and your business to sponsor one of our episodes. Not only will you have the chance to support another local business or non-profit organization, but you will also gain a remarkable avenue for expanding your brand exposure. We believe that partnering with us will not only create a positive impact on your brand but also foster a stronger sense of community and collaboration within our Elkhart, IN area.

Our goal and main drive for Let’s Talk About That has always been our love for launching businesses forward in their journeys by creating a space where marketing and fun can meet in front of the eyes and ears of our Elkhart community. This drive is also solidified by our company motto: Work together, grow together. We want our Elkhart businesses to thrive, and we are happy to provide new opportunities for that!

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Spotlight Sponsorships Made for Growth

Your participation will not only contribute to the success of Let’s Talk About That but also offer you a unique opportunity to thrive within our dynamic local community. Thank you for considering this partnership. We look forward to the possibility of working together to achieve mutual success.

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Silver Sponsorship*


Gold Sponsorship*


Social media tags

Website listing


End of episode logo credit

@Mentions on all channels

Episode shout-out

Logo displayed entire episode

Business feature on socials for 1 week


10% off a ViviScape marketing service

*Only five Level 2 sponsors are allowed per episode; only one Level 3 sponsor is allowed per episode.
**Bronze sponsors will only have listing; Silver sponsors will have logo and link to website; Gold sponsors will have listing, logo, link to website, and a brief featured info of the business.

Let’s Talk About That Guest Stars

Lights. Camera. Action!

If you are loving Let’s Talk About That, why not star on it? It’s true!

We are always wanting to hear and connect with entrepreneurs, business owners, and small businesses in Elkhart, Indiana. Let us know if you are interested in joining the fun with our expert team of professionals who will open the conversation and make sure you are at ease. We would love to explore why you love being a business owner in Elkhart and surrounding areas, and give a shoutout to your business through our amazing viewers!

Who knew being in the limelight could be so much fun?

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